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Thermal label printer

Thermal label printer

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Power: 48W
Interface: USB interface
Type: Thermal label printer

(For Lazada) Product details of high-quality thermal label shipping address printer
1) Thermal printers do not need carbon transfer ribbons, saving costs and easy to carry.
2) Can print one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode, pictures and text (multiple languages);
3) 2-4 inches ultra-high speed; 20-108mm thermal paper width can be used, and the maximum printing width is 104mm.
4) Modular software, you can customize characters, fonts (underline, bold, enlarge), etc.
5) Automatic paper positioning function, printing is correct.
6) Automatic temperature control can prolong the working accuracy and service life of the print head.
7) With a label entrance, you can use an external paper holder for large rolls of paper.
8) Can work more than 12 hours a day.
9) Errors with indicator lights.
10) Transparent top cover for direct paper monitoring.
11) It can be widely used in manufacturing and warehouse logistics, medical care, parcel delivery, office and studio, retail, etc.
12) Support ptintig LAZADA shipping label.
13) Free label editing software.

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