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ChromaVision: Enhanced Perception Glasses for Red-Green Color Blindness

ChromaVision: Enhanced Perception Glasses for Red-Green Color Blindness

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Experience the world in vivid detail with ChromaVision Enhanced Perception Glasses. Crafted specifically for individuals with red-green color blindness, these innovative glasses unlock a spectrum of colors previously unseen.

Engineered with precision optics, ChromaVision enhances your visual perception, allowing you to distinguish between hues with clarity and confidence.

Say goodbye to color confusion and embrace a new level of clarity and vibrancy in your surroundings. Rediscover the beauty of the world with ChromaVision."

Product info:

Frame material: plate and metal

Lens material: natural material

Principle of Color Blindness Correction Glasses: According to the principle of complementary color topology, a special coating is made on the lens to produce the cut-off wavelength, which can be transmitted to the long wavelength and reflected to the short wavelength.

Wearing glasses of color blindness can turn the original color blindness picture into a correct identification. To correct the effect of color vision disorders. Color blindness correction lenses are made of glass lenses or CR-39 superhard resin lenses, which are processed through many processes.

They are mainly used for color vision correction in patients with congenital color vision abnormalities to achieve normal visual effects.

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