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Handmade Uncoated Household Health Teapot

Handmade Uncoated Household Health Teapot

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Product information:

Color: 0.6L black pellet pot
Packing boxes
Item No.: Particle Black
Material: cast iron
Surface technology: hand-painted
Quality level: excellent product
Style: New Chinese
Pot weight: 1.2kg
Diameter of the bottom of the pot: 7.5cm
Pot height: 7cm
The total height of the pot: 16cm
Diameter of the spout: 7.5cm


First, improve water quality:
Iron kettles can release trace amounts of iron ions and can absorb chloride ions in the water. The water boiled in iron kettles and mountain springs have the same effect to enhance the taste of tea, making it more mellow.
Second, the heat conduction is even:
Compared with common pots such as "stainless steel soaking", the iron pot has more uniform heat conduction. When heating, the bottom and surroundings of the pot are heated, so the temperature can be fully raised and reach boiling.
Third, the divalent iron ion:
When the water boils, pig iron will release rich divalent iron ions, which can supplement the iron needed by the human body. People usually take third-order iron from food, and the human body can only absorb 4 to 5%, while the human body can absorb about 15% of the second-order iron ions.

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